March 31, 2022
Zuhran Ahmed

A Day in the Life of Our Development Team

For someone who does not come from the software industry, one might think of a software engineer as a night owl. Many times that is the image we may encounter - code - eat - sleep - repeat. And in some cases, that may be true. At Fornax Technologies, we are more than that.

It took years of effort to get where we are today. The number has risen from 3 to 12 and is no longer standing now. It would not be wrong to say that each member of the team was carefully selected from our solid recruitment process because we wanted to override the existing myth of the current interviewing system.

A day in the life of our development team is not just about writing codes. We are building a culture for them to become an all-rounder, at least that’s the goal.

Focus does not change which is to create a diverse product in the world we fully believe in. But in those eight hours, we want to do more.

What does the day of our engineers look like?

On Mondays,

the week begins with a daily mix of weekly running activities assigned to each developer. Thanks to Slack and Jira, teams now cooperate with any internal updates and manage their operations. This helps them set goals for the week and get updates from each other. This also helps them to talk about their concerns, roadblocks, or just casual conversation that sets the mood for the day. With the manual operation, the dev starts working.

Why do we do, what do we do?

Another participatory group session where we discuss new policies, new strategies, or topics such as occupational health balance, power of consent, approach to receiving or providing feedback, etc. that help each person become a responsible professional. The idea is to make every developer feel his own and to discuss the different ideas each developer brings to the table.

Bug Bash,

Where the leader board is maintained and points are awarded to an engineer who fixes high/complex bugs with the best price as the last.

The walkthrough of a story

Makes it easier to accomplish a task by breaking it down into smaller pieces and measuring the timeline. It is a productive way of collaborating between the product team and the developers.

Conducting regular workshops on features and in-depth discussions where product teams and engineers go through each topic, discuss how it will be done, what the challenges are, and gather feedback.

Friday is a fun way to end the week. We get together to play some games or to learn some interesting things from each other. We had meetings together where we planned next week's runner and watched our progress for the rest of the week.

That's the way our day looks like most days.

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