Summer Internship Program For the Future Leaders in Web Technologies

This is a 3 months internship starting 30th of May and ending 26th of August at Forenax Technologies.
Internship at Forenax Technologies is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study and career interest. An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and of course to learn new skills.
Interns get to interact with successful professionals, inspire from their talents, career journey and also develop a network of contacts which is highly beneficial in the professional world.
The session will kick off with an orientation ceremony to be held on 28th of May.

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What are the Objectives?


Career Building

Provide a framework for assigning eligible students from technical academic backgrounds to Forenax Technologies where their educational experience can be enhanced through capacity building opportunities.


Get to know

Provide an opportunity for Forenax Technologies to benefit from engagement with students specializing in various fields related to technical aspects of Web & Web App Development.

Who is eligible for an internship?



You are at least eighteen years of age on the date of application.



You are enrolled in a course of study at a university or equivalent institution leading to a formal qualification (Bachelors), in a development field related to the technical work of Forenax Technologies. Applicants who have already
completed their degree may also qualify for consideration, if they apply to the internship within six months following the completion of the formal qualification.



Fluency in Urdu, decent grip at English.


Family relation

You are not related to a Forenax employee (e.g. son/daughter, brother/sister, or mother/father).



You have not previously participated in Forenax Technologies Internship Programme.

How to apply?  

Documents Required

Attach the following with correct and up to date information with email:
- CV
- Letter of Motivation

Email Method

Please use “Summer Internship” as the email subject. There is no possibility to apply for an internship at Forenax outside official email as mentioned in "Apply" step.


All applications must be made through the email The Deadline for application is 15th May 2022.

That's it

We will review your email to see if you're eligible for Summer Internship Program & we wish you all the best.

Salient Features

Learning & Reward

You will cover the basics of React, Angular and NodeJS in a 3 months period. The selected candidates will be paid PKR 15,000 in 3 installments.

Flexible Timings

The work timing is flexible, you are required to complete 6 hours daily. Your selected 6 hours have to be between 10 am in the morning to 3am midnight.

Off Days

You will also have 7 off days available within the duration of the internship, you can use these off days during exams or as you please. These off days will not be consumed with medical leave.

Job Opportunity

High performers will automatically qualify for a full time job opportunity at Forenax Technologies.

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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