Sohaib Ahsan

Founder & CEO
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Favorite Quote

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" - Steve Jobs

What I do at Forenax Technologies?

I wear many hats at Forenax but mainly I’m responsible for the overall management of operations. I also play a major role in decisions of company objectives, strategies, structure, and more.

My story

I started working as a freelance developer during my Computer Science degree at GC University. Soon after, I remotely joined a US-based company where I worked for about 3 years as a developer. After this, I shifted my focus back to working as a freelancer again. All the clients I’d work with would want me to continue working on their project for adding new features. I found myself overburdened working 80+ hours a week and decided to start a software company. I reminisce the time when I registered Forenax Technologies, hired a small team, and took off. I thank The Almighty for making this process smooth and easy.

Life at Forenax Technologies

We have come so far as a mature company providing all types of software solutions. I like how the company culture has shaped over the years and now it’s like you have a family at the office as well, not only the employees but also the returning clients that we regularly meet. I also like how everyone takes part in arranging workshops and seminars to share their skills with the community. I like the honest feedback provided during regular meetings. Everyone here treats the office as their second home.

What drives me move forward?

I’m driven by a desire to keep upgrading myself, learn new skills and technologies, and transfer all my capabilities to others.

What I do in free time?

As a CEO, there is not really much time when I am not working but I do enjoy a good match of Cricket with friends.

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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