I will admit - originally the thought of outsourcing scared the hell out of me. As a business owner I am used to control and always having my finger on the pulse of my employees and contractors. Forenax has delivered great results and has convinced me of the value of outsourcing. In the beginning of the relationship between us and Forenax, there were times when it was difficult to communicate but if you can just get through the first week or so everything starts to come together.
I have really enjoyed working with Awais and Zuhran they are great team players and can really deliver outstanding results. I would be proud to have either one of them on my team in the U.K.

Rashid Amin

Macway Limited

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the services your team has provided. Your team has been a pleasure to work with, professional and timely. The only delay in work that we have experienced has been due to our own lack of organization managing our projects, not yours.
Job well done and I hope we can continue to grow together.

Mark Ryan


My experience of working with the team of Forenax was 100% positive. I found every member of the team attentive to my needs, professional, open-minded, and available to talk to me whenever needed. I initially  contacted this company to create my new website, but I ended up doing many other creative projects with them.

Mr. Majid

Min Technologies

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